nick malone

Copywriting Portfolio

I currently serve as the lead Digital Copywriter at SpaDerma, a small network of medical spas in Chicago. I was brought on board to help find a new and friendly voice for the brand, and to kickstart some more consistent marketing contact with our clients.

Swipe through the gallery above for some of my product description work!

Finding new and creative ways to frame the familiar is my bread and butter! I work closely with product developers to stay in tune with their goals, and ensure SpaDerma remains one of their vital accounts.

I also launched a complete copy overhaul of the company's website and online booking system, working closely with the brand management and business development team.

(This is being gradually implemented so not all changes are publicly available yet.)

Constant contact with patients has been a big priority. I developed a weekly newsletter to keep patients updated on the latest and greatest in medical skincare, and how our company is working to bring it to them.

On the medical side of the business, I copyedit treatment protocols to make them more accessible to patients.

I routinely edit work from an outsourced SEO team, and contribute my own optimized ad work as well-- samples available upon request.

I've had the extraordinary pleasure of contributing words on a contract basis to brands across industries: from real estate, to beauty and wellness, to nonprofits and traditional print media.


For Classic Homes Realty in Danville, I led a 10 Year Anniversary campaign blitz including new radio spots, organizing local press coverage, and a refreshed social media style guide to better serve their clients online.

🏆 This campaign led to Classic Homes winning Best Agency in Vermillion County! 🏆


For celebrity client Azealia Banks and her beauty and wellness brand CheapyXO, I created a product and at-home treatment guide for her line of Sleep Aid subscription boxes.


For nonprofit Prosper Chicago, I contributed a video script to explain the benefits of their free meal delivery service from local restaurants for families in need.


l've brought my love for music to the writing staff at the art and entertainment magazine PopMatters. On routine deadline, I contributed reviews, interviews, and culture writing-- but also coordinated release strategies with PR teams which has been extremely helpful beyond the world of journalism.


For dynamic and effective copy on your next project, reach out!

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References avaialable upon request.